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LM 383 Audio Amplifier 8 Watt



Figure 7.17 shows the circuitry for a Class B amplifier with 8 W output, based on the LM383 chip. This chip (by National Semiconductor) is a flat pack (TO-220) with five leads and a metal tab for bolting to a heat sink. This chip was designed with car radio applications in view, and has a 3.5 A



Figure 7.17 An 8 watt IC audio output amplifier stage.


Figure 7.18 Internal circuitry of the National Semiconductor LM383. The symbol of the arrowhead in the circle represents a current source.


maximum driving current, with automatic current limitation and thermal protection (one version, the LM383A, also has over-voltage protection

against transients). Figure 7.18 shows the internal circuitry for this chip which is typical of Class B IC power output stages.


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