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Form Dejan Caldevic 


Until today only operator Telkomsel Sim Card that can still cloned, while the other operator sim card to Cloning rather difficult. Here, I only give a little tutorial to TELKOMSEL sim card cloning. Schematic drawing tools in the picture below:





After the tool is ready to link with the computer serial port, and input TELKOMSEL simcard,  SIMPATI or AS Card. Set the COM used and Speed, coincidence here I am using Crystal 4.3 Mhz after setting is complete Click the Find "Ki" see picture below:


The process of reading "KI" takes different look at the picture below:

Now when it looks like the picture above, means the process of reading success wait a while longer, see the image below:

Wait until the display like the image below and files stored on the sim scan the folder where the program was under the name "imsi_ki.dat". See the image below:

For the next process is to write data on the empty sim card  . for this experiment I assemble circuit sim card like the picture below:


Put the circuit Goldwafer above the programmer, click the "WR Ki & IMSI" select imsi_ki.dat files stored earlier. input 4-digit PIN, the PIN used to login to the phone number will be active. Simcard circuit above can accommodate up to 10 numbers, well for that use different PIN to choose between these numbers is 10.



Program SimScan
Hex PIC16f84
Hex 24c16


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