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USB AVR microcontroller downloader-programmer

Also can program AT89S51/52 (S-series) using USB port

Also can program serial EEPROM (AT24c01,02,04,06,...512)

firmware included

Original site http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/


The building AVR microcontroller project now easily by wizard program like codevision AVR then burning firmware into microcontroller using AVR downloader like this (figure 1). Very simple and USB support. Your old microcontroller example AT89S51 (S-series) can program trough this circuit via USB port. For AT89S5x (S-series) the important thing is pin SCK, MISO, MOSI, etc  (see figure below... X2) properly connected  to the IC ISP (mosi, miso, sck, etc). This circuit also can program serial eeprom like AT24C24, AT24c64, and other..... (using this PC interface)


Figure 1. USB AVR programmer and old MCS-51 controller S series (AT89s51, AT89S5x)


firmware for ATmega8/48

PCInterface/khazama  or khazama sites

PCinterface/PROGISP172 codevisionAVR Support download firmware  here MKII and Circuit



1. PROGISP172   firmware->  USB51/main.hex  when burning firmware to ATmega8, set fuse bit Low Fuse=EF, High Fuse=C9  also use this  Circuit

2. Reset Circuit for AT89S (S-series), the Capacitor (Elco) must be 1uF NOT 10uF, so use 1uF/16V and the Resistor usually 10K ohm 


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