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by Deddy Suyanto hobi-elektronika



Do you have problem with not remembering  MMC password?, if  you are, make this circuit :


MMC protected by password will not be detected by the computer, when using the hand phone, the hand phone will ask for your password. Very easy to use it, first install the drivers LPT, input I / O range LPT, if you do not know can be seen in the Device manager, left click and select Properties see the figure below:


After click the Properties window will appear as below, click the Resources tab there ever printed I / O Range, which is the value taken in the first row. Examples of the computer I I / O range of his 378-37F see picture:


Well now input value in the program box "user port", then click "start" to show the message "driver already started". See figure:


After the driver installed next steps connect the LPT cable to the circuit and the USB cable to the USB port. insert protected MMC, and then running MULAI.bat and then type "buka", then the MMC protected will unprotected so can be used again. The next step to format the MMC using Card Reader / Handphone, MMC would have detected




MMC software

LPT Driver